History: Feng Bao failure July 27, 1979, hits Australia?

From: JamesOberg@aol.com
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 13:48:05 PDT

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    Ancient history question -- 
    Feng Bao failure July 27, 1979, hits Australia?
    I'm trying to confirm this story -- does anyone have any insights into if the 
    parts recovered in Australia really did come from the Chinese launch? To tell 
    the truth, I'm really worried about the launch ground track issues (69 deg 
    inclination, presumably, or maybe 59 if was a recoverable) ...  Could the 
    recovery have been a coincidental Russian satellite entry?
    [Interesting story:  on July 27,  1979 a Chinese Space launch (Feng 
    Bao 1, FB-1, Storm, closely related to a CZ-2C) failed during its 2nd 
    stage burn out of Jiuquan Space Center.  The craft exploded and parts 
    fell in the outback near Birdsville,  Queensland, Australia. 
    Australian Regular Army forces found pieces and parts with Cyrillic 
    printed all over it]
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