Re: Telescope satellite tracking

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Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 11:01:36 PDT

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    > If this has already been done, great, just tell me where!
    SeeSat-L Jul-98 : RE: Orbit's pole
    ... I have a 14 kb pole.exe and two versions of source code in QuickBasic =
    4/14 kb from
    July 1995. I don't remember if I wrote one or both (or even none!), but I
    ... - 2k - Cached - Similar
    SeeSat-L Feb-00 : Re: shuttle radar visible ("Polar"
    ... can pick a better declination. I wrote a program 'pole.exe' to find the
    best fit
    polar axis from three or more QuickSat output points. On one test pass, the
    ... - 5k - Cached - Similar
    SeeSat-L Feb-00 : Re: Recent Observations
    ... Dec) and compute(estimate) the point which is equidistant from "all" I
    wrote a program
    POLE.EXE to do this, and the issue was discussed on SeeSat-L twice a few ... - 4k - Cached - Similar
    Once again - Google does a good job! :
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