Moon/Solar transit prediction software?

From: Robert Smathers (SSSSC Sat Shack) (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 16:01:10 PDT

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    I was just pondering the other day how neat it would be to be
    able to calculate a moon or sun transit and look at it though
    my telescope (with solar filter for sun or without for moon).
    My main goal is to view a ISS transit of the sun or moon as
    it should be large enough to see in a telescope (and I take it
    most objects are too small to see in a transit even with a telescope).
    I opened up my STS PLUS and figured it would be a trial and
    error thing (take any pass seen here and figure out if the sun
    or moon would be in the way).  Since trial and error figuring could
    take forever to even find that rare opportunity, I was wondering
    if there is a freeware or shareware program that can calculate
    sun/moon transits.
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