Milstar II

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 07:15:42 PDT

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    Weak but possibly useful constraints on where the Milstar II launched
    2001-02-27 was on or around 2001-03-12 and 2001-03-07:

    "The first point-to-point communications using the new MDR payload occurred
    on March 12 followed shortly thereafter by the first-ever video
    teleconference (VTC) using two Army SMART-T terminals communicating over the
    MDR payload on Milstar F-4. The VTC link was between Fort Monmouth, N.J.,
    and a Raytheon facility at Sudbury, Mass. "
    "The LDR payload which provides highly secure communications capability to
    the National Command Authorities and Military Services under any conflict
    environment completed initialization on March 6 and successfully established
    an LDR communications network on March 7 using terminals at Sudbury, Mass.
    and San Diego, Calif."
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