Hello All some obs that someone might be able to identify

From: Steve Adams (steve.adams@pdl.co.nz)
Date: Sun Apr 01 2001 - 14:55:13 PDT

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    First, a little off topic but I gotta tell somebody who appreciates these
    things: -
    Anyone in the lower South Island of NZ living in a rural area would be able
    to confirm the incredible sight we had of Aurora Australis - Southern Lights
    on the evening of Saturday March 31.
    Bright blues, greens, reds and pinks.  Motion was slow so it didn't appear
    "wavy" but observed at different times there were distinct colour shifts and
    even a really bright red towards the SSW at about 10:30 - 11:00 pm (local
    time).  Coloured the sky through from SSE to SW and up to about 45 deg alt.
    Incredible sight and one well worth remembering, (only the second time in my
    Apparently we'll be able to see it for the next few days - can't wait for
    another clear night to show the kids! - Makes you feel kinda small!
    While watching the above I observed 2 distinct "flashes" of resonably high
    magnitude, (-5?), bright white, and another two much more faint in the
    background.  I thought I had seen my first Iridium Flare, (and knew what it
    was), but Heavens-above has no predictions for my location, (listed below),
    on this night.  I might have missed some earlier flashes since I noticed it
    as soon as I went outside.
    Sightings were - Due South, Alt about 60 deg.  Flashes lasted about 1-2
    seconds and about 8 sec apart.  With only two flashes it was difficult to
    tell direction of movement but I think it was due South or SSW.  Second
    flash was about 5 deg lower than first and both very bright, (seen above the
    I did not record the time accurately but put it about 9:30 pm local time.
    Second object was much fainter and appeared to be travelling SSW to east.
    Also appeared to be much smaller giving the impression it was much further
    "out" into space.  Two flashes were also observed.  A guess at mag would be
    a very faint star and more "yellow" in colour.
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Location - Kirwee, Canterbury, New Zealand
    Lat 43.5000 S Lon 172.2170 E
    Elev 150m
    GMT -12:00
    Steve Adams
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