Mir manoeuvres

From: Vladimir Agapov (avm@kiam1.rssi.ru)
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 05:09:15 PDT

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    Late evening on Apr 29 orbit of Mir station was raised
    with 8.4 m/s burn lasted 295 seconds. SKD and eight
    DPO engines ignition time was 18:58:44 UTC.
    There are another two burns scheduled. The first one
    at 19:59:01 UTC on Apr 30 (eight DPO only, 8.2 m/s,
    duration 1150 sec) and the second at 19:00:50 UTC
    on May 1 (SKD+ 8 DPO, 8.4 m/s, 295 sec).
    Best regards,
    Vladimir Agapov.
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