Re: Apollo Flight Plan

Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 17:02:33 PDT

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    >1. Launch into an Earth parking orbit.
    >2. Trans Lunar Injection to send the vehicle toward the Moon.
    >3. One or more mid-course corrections on the way to the Moon.
    >4. Lunar Orbit Insertion maneuver to place the spacecraft in lunar 
    >5. Descent Orbit Insertion to lower the Command and Service 
    >Module to a lower orbit. I believe that this was only done on Apollos 
    >16, and 17.
    >6. Powered Descent Initiation: Firing of LM engine to land LM on the 
    >7. LM Ascent: Takeoff from lunar surface and placement into lunar 
    >8. Trans Earth Insertion: Firing of SPS engine to leave lunar orbit 
    >return to Earth.
    >9. One or more mid-course corrections on the way home.
    Does anyone have any information on how the ascent stage of the LM was
    manuevered to dock with the CM?  Was it computer controlled, or manual
    control?  And, am I correct in assuming that if the LM missed the CM on
    the docking attempt, that the two returning moonwalkers were as good as
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