Re: Progress..a Flasher ?

From: Tristan Cools (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 13:13:38 PDT

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    At 15:02 27/04/00 +0930, you wrote:
    >At 14:07 27/04/00 , Mark Jeffrey wrote:
    >>I believe I made a sighting of the Russian Progress supply vehicle
    >>en-route to MIR last evening ( Wed April 26  09:02 UTC ) over
    >>Australia. But to my surprise what I saw was flashing. Looked very
    >>much like an aircraft strobe. Was travelling very quickly as expected
    >>with the lower orbit.
    >>Just hoping someone may confirm this as PROGRESS or did I
    >>see something else ?
    >No Mark you saw something else, the upper stage of the rocket
    >that launched the Progress. The progress was about 5 minutes later.
    You were lucky to have seen the Progress rocket body.  It has already decayed.
    As I had a day off today I decided to try to observe Progress M1-2, the
    rocket body and Mir this morning.
    Mir and the Progress rocket body would be seen around 03h15m UTC and
    Progress M1-2 would be visible around 03h35m UTC.  
    Unfortunately I didn't hear my alarm and when I woke up this morning the
    sun was already shining.  I must have been very tired.  Too bad.(you'll
    never know what satellites can do to you, they made me angry ;-)  )
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