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Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 09:11:08 PDT

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    > Interesting article!
    > Blazing Satellites - Guns in Space
    > Virtually no information was available about the military Salyuts until
    > recently, when access was opened up to a full-scale training model at the
    > Moscow Aviation Institute. Well, guess what--Salyut 3 had a machine gun.
    Actually, this is quite an old story.   It was first revealed, I believe,
    in the December 1991 issue of the Russian publication Znanye - an issue
    which first showed the military Salyut, the L-3M manned lunar lander
    proposal (the one that required two N-1 launches), discussed the heavy
    Zarya Soyuz-replacement, etc.
    > The Cold War may be done for, but there are still guns in space, and all
    > of them are Russian. The survival kit in the Soyuz spacecraft which ferries
    > cosmonauts to and from the Mir space station is said to contain, among
    > other things, a pistol and ammunition.
    Don't shuttle emergency kits carry things like knives which can also be
    used as weapons ?   Very good for puncturing and ripping a spacesuit.
    As pointed out, the Russians carry a gun purely for safety against local
    wildlife (even rednecks if they do an emergency landing in the southern US
    !), and it is not intended as a weapon against people.
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