Gorznt 20 aux motor reentered in Brazil?

From: Alcir Carra (alcir@randon.com.br)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 03:42:01 PDT

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    I received a report from amateurs astronomers and I am translating some
    "Today (april 23), here in São Paulo, Brazil (23.533S, 46.617W), at 18:01
    local time (21:01 UTC), I saw a strange object. It was 15 degres above the
    horizon and the azimute was about 290 degrees. I run to take my equipment
    and when I was back, one minute later, it was 10 degrees above the horizon
    at an azimute of 260 degrees... The tail was about 2.5 degrees long... I
    followed his movement for more 30 seconds... "
    Sunday, at 20:43 UTC the Gorznt 20 aux motor had a predicted pass that
    matches this report. Only the time is not in agreement: 15 minutes later
    than predicted using Alan´s elsets. Is it just a coincidence??
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