Ir27 Obs, USA 129 Non-Obs + Unk

Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 22:24:37 PDT

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    For the first time in ages i was able to do a little bit of sat watching. I
    had a nice N -> S pass by Iridium 27 tum #24947 97051D which remained
    visible at 1x, mag 3 during most of it's pass. There were several good
    flashes from it, the brighter ones were when it began it's descent to the
    South. No timings were made however.
    A few minutes later USA 129 was due to come by (at 04:41:36 Az 256 deg El 61
    deg) and i looked for it but nothing was seen. I continued looking in the
    same general area and i saw an unknown, mag approx 4 heading North. At
    04:45:30 27 Apr UTC +/- 2 sec it was at Az 270 deg El 58 deg, approx 5 deg
    below (West) of Talitha in Ursa Major.
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