Re: Shuttle May Launch Today

Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 16:21:59 PDT

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    >> Since no one's said anything about it, I will:
    >> The Space Shuttle launch for 04-24 was scrubbed, due to 
    >> high winds.  It is set to launch to day (04-25) at 1853 UT,
    >wrong ! at 19:52 UT, with a 5 minute launch window. If sucessfull, it 
    >be visible from Europe about 22-25 minutes later, as TWO dots (shuttle 
    >main tank, ejected 10 minutes after launch , flying along, burning in
    >atmosphere past India ). See
    >and http://www.spaceflightnow.htm
    Yes, you're right.  I was off by an hour on my conversions, and I made a
    mistake on the minutes' digit.
    >> but there is
    >> only a 20% chance that the weather will allow it.  But 04-26 has a 
    >> chance of launching conditions.  If it is not launched on Wednesday, 
    >> we will have to wait until May 11 for a launch.
    >I don't think so, has a list with launch 
    >windows on
    >27, 28, etc.
    Not that I've seen.  Unless the NASA diplomats can work something out,
    don't expect a launch for at least two weeks.
    Most unfourtante.
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