RE: two launches in one day from KSC

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 13:36:34 PDT

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    Olivier Staiger asked:
    > has it ever occured that two launches took place at KSC on same day ?
    Yes, at least as long ago as 1966, when the first Project Gemini rendezvous and
    docking mission was completed.
    The rendezvous target vehicle was an Agena upper stage, modified by the
    addition of a docking adapter on its payload end. It was to be launched on an
    Atlas, followed within hours by the Gemini-Titan.
    The first attempt was in 1965, on Gemini 6, but the Agena failed to reach
    orbit, so the Gemini launch was scrubbed, and then later merged with the Gemini
    7 mission, in which Gemini 6 rendezvoused with Gemini 7, but they were not
    launched the same day.
    Gemini 8, in the spring of 1966, finally succeeded in getting its Agena into
    orbit, leading to the first successful rendezvous and docking later the same
    day. This was a feature of all of the remaining Gemini missions, 9 through 12,
    all launched in 1996.
    There may well have been other dual launches, but probably few were was
    memorable as the Gemini-Agena missions.
    Ted Molczan
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