Atlantis scrubbed again !

From: Olivier Staiger (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 12:39:42 PDT

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    again, Atlantis could not fly. this time because of bad weather in Africa
    and Europe (sorry!), at the emergency landing sites . Date of next launch
    attempt unknown yet , might be a week , as there are other tests and
    launches scheduled at KSC (May 3 Atlas 2 rocket with GOES-L satellite).
    Anyway, bad weather arriving tomorrow eve in Geneva, so my hope to see
    Atlantis 22 minutes after launch from Geneva is.... Gone with the Wind :-)
    However, monday 1st, I fly to Dallas TX, and on May 2nd I'll decide if I fly
    to Orlando and drive to KSC to Cape Canaveral to see the May 3rd GOES-L
    launch, depending on launch info and weather report on May 2nd. Maybe I'll
    be very lucky and I can also see the Atlantis launch , May 3rd or 4th ? That
    would be REAL cool !
    Olivier  "Klipsi"  Staiger
    "I'm not important, I'm just lucky."
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