Geostationary and Repositionable?

From: Routersaurus Rex (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 12:03:29 PDT

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    Can a Geostationary sat be repositioned?
    Not simple station keeping, but moved thousands of kilometers to another
    A few weeks ago I thought I saw a stationary flasher east of my position at
    50 degrees elevation.  It is no longer there.  I've loaded every sync sat
    tle I could find and they tell that there is not and could not be a
    satellite at that position.
    I'm still a newbie and prone to mistakes but I do not want to think I was
    "seeing things".
    Seems to me a GS sat would make a good spy platform if it could be moved
    about, of course the extreme altitude would cause difficulties.
    Oh, another thing, are there *any* satellites that in equitorial orbits that
    circle the earth to the west?
    Thanks to everyone for such a great list and TIA for answers.
    Richard Haskins
    34.3850N, 118.5300W
    ICMP: The protocol that goes PING!
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