Flashers - How do U select which one to look at

From: ykChia (chiayk@singnet.com.sg)
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 07:15:21 PDT

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    Hi folks:
         Wonder how you folks out there pick your flashers candidate for
          I attempted the hard way this afternnon. After getting the flasher
    listings " program.rob" from BWGS I use brute force method using
    alldat.tle. Then I matched the output from skymap and only retain those
    that match entries in program.rob in 1-2-3 worksheet. (data query, input
    .output, criteria  stuff ). After this I end up with quite a sizeable
         I believe there are easier options than this. Also which one do I
    pick which is easy and interesting for a newbie like me?  Is there a
    recommended 'starter-list'?
        Thank you
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