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From: Charles Eltham (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 03:59:37 PDT

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    Dear Friends,
    NASA's has issued a new aurora alert:
    Aurora Watch: An interplanetary shock wave passed by NASA's ACE spacecraft
    at 0400 UT on April 24. The solar wind velocity jumped from 420 to 520 km/s
    and the interplanetary magnetic field turned southward. These conditions are
    likely to create geomagnetic disturbances on Earth and displays of aurora
    borealis at middle latitudes. This shock front is neither as large nor as
    abrupt as the one that caused the intense geomagnetic storm on April 6,
    2000. Nevertheless, sky watchers are advised to be on the lookout for
    Northern Lights near local midnight.
    Let's hope for clear skies.
    Charlie Eltham
    9 Princes Road
    GL50 2TX
    51.892N  2.080W
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