Grabbag of flashers

From: Robert G Fenske Jr (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 14:26:52 PDT

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    	Friday night I observed 3 different flashing satellites.  First,
    the Milstar 3 rocket (#25725) made a 78-deg pass, flashing to +3 about
    once per second.  Some minutes later Centaur 2 (#00694) made a similar
    pass but of course was varying much more slowly with its 40ish second
    period (I didn't measure it).  It also peaked about +3.  Lastly, I saw
    Superbird A (#20040) through binoculars.  When I first trained my
    binoculars on the sat -- at about 03:20 UTC (Apr 22) -- it was flashing
    with an ~11.5 sec period; all flashes were about the same brightness.
    I dashed inside to get my watch, then found it flashing half as often.  I
    measured 5 periods in 115.2 seconds.  The flashes faded to invisibility
    about 03:26 UTC.
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