Re: Possible re-entry sighting

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 01:31:18 PDT

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    At 16:54 22/04/00 , you wrote:
    >I would like to ask the list if there were any satellite re-entries 
    >that would have been visible over northern Florida, USA (lat./lon. 
    >approx. N 30.3  W 81.7).  A co-worker was driving south at 9:40 
    >p.m. EDT (-4 UTC) and saw a bright, greenish object cross from 
    >NE to SW and seemed to disappear above the eastern horizon.
    No re-entries were supposed to happen around that time( I assume 0140UT
    April 22). The next isnt due till at least Apr 23 or later,
    Alan Pickup says April 25 in his decaywatch post to Seesat-L.
    the retograde direction also discounts any other likely
    re-entries on Alan's decay list #96, that might be happening
    early because of the increased drag.  
    Tony Beresford
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