AW: Tracking software for multiple satellites

Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 06:59:11 PDT

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    Hi Sven,
    this year I started to write a program which will be able to show multiple
    satellites on an Az/El polar plot as well as on a table in a windows
    environment (full 32bit application). I tested also large files were more
    than 1000 sats out of a TLE-file of 8000 were displayed simultanously ...
    and it worked. In this case it was more a question of HW than SW. This
    program will work online as well as offline. It can show stars on the map
    for orientation in the sky, zoom in and out, rotate the map, give different
    colors to sat depending on the mag, sort the tables, and much more.
    Unfortunately my work on this program progresses quiet slow due to my little
    spare time left. Nevertheless I hope to achieve a quiet acceptable state
    before the end of year. I will keep the group informed on my progress and
    will probably set up a small homepage to show what I'm doing.
    Maurizio Scaramuzza
    Gland, Switzerland
    lat: 46.42370° lon:6.27109° alt:415m
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    > Dear friends,
    > I normally use my own software for displaying satellite position and
    > visibility (el, az, sun/eclipse, distance, ...) and this software shows
    > one
    > satellite at a time even though I can quickly switch between satellites.
    > Now, I wish to show simultaneously maybe up to 15 satellites; their
    > position and whether they are above the horizon etc... This can either be
    > as a map display or as a tabular display.
    > Can anyone give me advice as to which software is the most suitable in the
    > Windows environment?
    > Sven Grahn
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