RE:Tracking software for multiple satellites

From: Patrick Curran (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 02:38:37 PDT

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    Hi Sven,
                 I use a DOS based package called 'Satellite Pro' v1.5. It can
    fly up to 200 satellites simultaneously and manage a database of over
    20,000. It's available at two sites:
    Both sites will show you screen shots of output options - I find the "Alt-Az
    View" very useful.
    Please note however:
    1) There is a BIG difference in price at the above sites and the cheaper
    site includes an extra add-on
    2) I have found problems printing the sky map view - I suspect the old DOS
    'Print Screen' command is used
    2) If you intend upgrading to Windows 2000, there may be problems running
    all DOS programs - not sure about this!
    Best Regards,
    Pat Curran
    SE Ireland (Co. Kilkenny)
    52.4369N 6.9761W 80M
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