Re: 99057C debris

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 20:44:42 PDT

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    Frank Reed told us where to find:
    >Here's an interesting article on that topic:
    >  WASHINGTON (States News Service)
    >  Satellite constellations are also more susceptible to what he calls
    >  "pinch points." When something in orbit explodes, all the debris flies
    >  off in different directions, but each piece is in its own orbit.
    >  Because those orbits are circular and start at the same point, each
    >  explosion has two pinch points, one at the site of the original
    >  explosion and one 180 degrees around the globe, through which all the
    >  debris must pass at some point.
    Because those orbits are very likely to NOT be circular, there is
    only one "pinch point".  There is NO significance to the location
    "180 degrees around the globe".
    Mike McCants
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