Re: 99057C debris

Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 20:14:21 PDT

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    Rob Matson wrote:
    "One final thought:  I believe the running assumption is that the
    rocket body exploded due to unspent propellant.  Isn't this at
    least the second CZ that has created a large debris field?  I
    realize that the U.S. is just as guilty with the huge debris
    field from STEP 2 Pegasus, but it seems irresponsible to continue
    to launch a booster with a   propensity to pollute LEO with
    dozens or even hundreds of fragments. "
    Here's an interesting article on that topic:
    I picked up two fun satellite debris buzzwords from this article: "passivate" 
    and "pinch point".
    Also, if you go to the top level of the site and enter "debris" in 
    the Search box, you'll find a number of interesting related articles.
    -Frank E. Reed
    Chicago, IL
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