Re: USA 129: no manoeuvre as of 19:50 UTC on 17 April

From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 14:05:07 PDT

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    > Pierre Neirinck reports that USA 129 was on time for his first pass of the
    > evening.
    I've had 99% clouds every evening for a week, and not seen USA 129 since Apr
    At a few previous manoeuvre instances that I checked, the KH's raised their
    orbits at a perigee pass immediately after the southbound pass closest to
    Vandenberg (or the KH control center E thereof).
    The perigee is now just N of the equator, and the manoeuvre could have been
    done on Apr.17 at 17:08, possibly 18:45, had not Pierre reported the on-time
    On Apr.18 this is 17:24 UTC, possibly 19:01.
    When the apogee has been raised, MM should be around 14.76, so it would be
    about 8 minutes late per day.
    On the first pass over central Europe, it would be about one minute late,
    over eastern USA about 3 minutes late, and over California 4 minutes.
    The eccentricity would be around .0503, so the height at mid-northern
    visibility would be around 40 km higher than now.
    This means that on a pass in the east, it will be considerably higher in
    altitude, but in the west it may be higher or lower, depending on the
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