Flaring Geosats

From: Alcir Carra (alcir@randon.com.br)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 04:01:44 PDT

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    	Last year, just a short time after joining this list, I had a great
    oportunity to observe flaring geosats. At that time, the Hot Bird
    costelation became visible, even to the naked eye, from April 7 to 10. This
    year I wanted to repeat the observations and started my search for the Hot
    Birds on March 25. I gave up last weekend, April 15, with no success. I
    missed some days due to bad weather conditions, but assuming that last year
    the sats were visible during four days, I canīt understand why I failed to
    see it. Has anyone observed flaring geosats, especially the Hot Birds, this
    Alcir Carra
    29.16S  51.18W
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