Re: satwk16 report from OIG

Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 14:22:43 PDT

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    >                 Satellite Catalog Action Report
    >From: 2000/04/08
    >Through: 2000/04/15
    >The following objects have been reported as modified:
    >Designator   CatNo Common Name               Source LaunchDate 
    >------------ ----- ------------------------- ------ ---------- 
    >1963-049C    00705 TRANSIT 5E 3              US     1963/12/05     /  
    >1963-049J    02930 TRANSIT 5B-2 DEB          US     1963/12/05 
    >1969-059A    04039 APOLLO 11 CM (COLUMBIA)   US     1969/07/16 
    >2000-018A    26116 SOYUZ TM                  CIS    2000/04/04     /  
    Could someone please tell me why the Apollo 11 Command Module is listed
    here?  The Command Modules from the Lunar visits splashed down in the
    Pacific Ocean.  So, why is it listed here?  Because it was transferred
    from one museum to another?
    Y2K errors by any chance?  Even though OIG is supposed to be all right
    until 2057?
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