Re: STS 101 Launch Viewing

Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 21:29:02 PDT

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    I had a very good experience with STS84 a couple of years ago.  it was an
    afternoon launch, and with the sun to the west the visibility was very good
    well past SRB separation.  I used a 600mm lens (about 10x on my 35mm and
    could see the SRBs come off pretty well.
    We were parked about midway along the west half of the causeway, there was
    plenty of good viewing since the causeway is sloped.  I understand we were
    about 5.1 kilometers from 39B, the sound was good (when it finally arrived)
    and I noticed a little bit of atmospheric 'flaring' around the vehicle in
    the photos (I am not sure if it might have been an
    'I-didn't-spend-that-much-for-the-2x-teleconverter' phenomenon either).
    At any rate, it was a grand show.  I put some of the photos up at
    Best wishes.
    Gary Wells
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    > Would love to hear any hints about launch viewing at
    > KSC. I hope to get within three mile range. Yet may be
    > at the 6 mile point. 10X50's the best? Also I am
    > curious of confidence in the 4-24 launch date with all
    > the problems now being dealt with. What part of the
    > causeway offers best viewing. Its an afternoon launch
    > with a small window. If anyone has been or any help
    > would be great. I watched sts  96 launch. The amazing
    > thing was the sudden drop in visibility early in morn
    > just two minutes prior to liftoff. Moisture in air
    > suddenly increased muffling sound and obscuring
    > view. The flare of the srb's was most notable. Some
    > kind of aluminum propellant gives it that quality.
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