Ir 43 & 21A, ISS 4/12 PDT

From: Mark A. Hanning-Lee (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 15:04:18 PDT

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    Observing from lat 33.729 long -117.822 altitude est. 34 m, 4/12 PDT.
    Iridium 43 & 21A flared as predicted, also saw ISS.
    Using mccants.tle, 25732 Feng Yun 1C r was predicted to reach about mag
    2.8, and should've been an easy target at one-power. There have been
    several similar passes recently. I've looked about 7 times but never
    seen it at one-power; wonder if the standard mag is a little too bright?
    Best wishes & clear skies, Mark
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