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Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 05:08:27 PDT

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    At 13:23 2000/04/13 +0930, Tony Beresford wrote:
    >                        For example , their are 88 Iridium satellites
    >At least 8 are not under control, and will have to deorbit naturally
    >in some 25-50 years.
    But some will come down a lot quicker than that. 
    98-51D and 98-66C would decay naturally in July this year - just 3 months away.
    97-82D and 97-51D look likely to decay in the last quarter of this year.
    This is providing Motorola (Iridium) don't power them to decay, where possible.
    I don't see why they should, since the Atmosphere is doing the job for them.
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