Iridium 67

From: John Breckenridge (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 15:53:53 PDT

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    Wow!  With a great moon, half my neighborhood and I watching, 
    # 67 was a breathtaking knockout Tuesday nite with it's predicted -8 brightness
    and 10+ seconds pass.  As a soon-to-be-former Motorola MCSI (Iridium Sales)
    employee, I've told and shown neighbors these wonderful and likely soon to be
    historical lights in the sky and they're finally begun to watch.  Hoots and
    hollers all across the canyon up here in the San Bernardinos. 
    Can hardly wait for # 43's arrival tonite.  The -7's and 8's are the best and
    it's unfortunate so many people who'd appreciate such sights (which can be seen
    in even the most light-polluted skies), won't know about them.  Iridium over
    Manhattan is such a mix of "metaphors" and consciousness.  I keep bugging the
    LA Times but seems they're only zeroed in on the financial fiasco story.  Motorola
    could drop station keeping at the end of any day now.
    Sidebar: although my license plates have read VIA SAT since 1982, I'm a viewing
    newbie and able to report I'm confirming nightly passes of 8-10 of the 14 nightly
    PM passes and am beginning to now check out the early am sky.  You can always
    tape "The Soprano's" but the sky is live with never a rerun.
    Keep watching...jb
    John Breckenridge 909-337-6901
    34.2388 -117.2327 5860' VERY clear sky!
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