RE: Glove in orbit (was: Super tracking device at SpaceCom?)

From: McConahy, Ralph (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 10:39:56 PDT

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    Richard McKee wrote:
    >I searched for "glove" in the OIG Satellite Situation Report but did not
    >find anything.
    The famous glove was lost by Ed White on Gemini 4. Evidently, the glove was
    not cataloged. For that particular launch, the SSR only lists the Gemini 4
    capsule (1390, 65-43A) and the Titan 2 rocket (1391, 65-43B). A web page
    article I recently read about space junk notes that the glove re-entered "a
    few days later." Looks like the recent comments, quoted on SeeSat from a
    News email list, about a glove from a Gemini flight still being in orbit is
    off by about 35 years.
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