Re: AW: Super tracking device at SpaceCom?

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Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 09:36:00 PDT

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    I searched for "glove" in the OIG Satellite Situation Report but did not
    find anything.
    I did find a screwdriver (#16013 1985-076H) lost on STS51I.  It remained in
    orbit for 6 months.  However, it appears that it was a large screwdriver.
    Reported radar cross section was 0.57 square meters.
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    > I cannot imagine, that those flights had a high orbit, so
    >> that such debris should 'quickly' re-enter into the atmosphere.
    >If I understand any of this, (not guaranteed) the decay rate of an
    >object in earth orbit is governed by density (mass) vs frontal area (or
    >average frontal area) and atmospheric density (variable).
    >Therefore, debris like, say, batteries (small, heavy) or solid hunks of
    >metal would remain in orbit longer than say, solar panels or thin metal
    >shrouds etc., which would fall behind (from atmospheric drag) more
    >quickly, all other factors being more or less equal. >
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