AW: Super tracking device at SpaceCom?

Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 23:31:21 PDT

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    Recently I have seen a documentary on early space flight in a Swiss TV
    channel where among others it was told, that during one of the first
    space-walks (or was it the first itself, I can't remember exactly) a glove
    was lost in space. This event was even filmed, so I can confirm that a glove
    was really in orbit at this time. What I'm wondering is, if this glove is
    still in orbit. I cannot imagine, that those flights had a high orbit, so
    that such debris should 'quickly' re-enter into the atmosphere.
    Maurizio Scaramuzza
    Gland, Switzerland
    lat: 46.42370 lon:6.27109 alt:415m
    > Excerpt from the News email list that I maintain:
    > -------
    > Space Command Center, a sort of traffic cop that tracks objects in space,
    > including
    > tiny debris, will essentially offer guidance to Motorola about where and
    > when to
    > deorbit the satellites. 
    >  "We're actively tracking 8,200 objects -- 8,120 to be exact," said Capt.
    > Steven
    >  Ramsay. "We even track an astronaut's glove from a Gemini mission in the
    > 1960s." 
    > -------
    > Does this Capt know something I don't?  I haven't seen any gloves in orbit
    > in years.
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    > Jay Respler
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