From: Bill Arnold (barnold@digiscape.com)
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 16:10:09 PDT

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    I hope that someone out there can help with what I saw.
    This morning while waiting for Mir to show up I saw two satellites
    coming SW to NE.  The time was about 5:20 am, and where I am is on
    daylight savings time. Both were close, about 4 to 5 degrees apart. They
    were almost overhead, maybe a little west of overhead at about 5:20 am.
    My location is 30.48.10 -89.00.04. Both were very bright, about
    Jupiter's brightness.
    I used Satspy 3.0 and McCants elements from yesterday, but I really can
    not tell what ones they were.
    Can anyone with a lot more knowledge pass along to me which sats they
    may have been?
    Thanks for the help,
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