RE: More unid observations

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 05:09:28 PDT

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    Mike Waterman wrote:
    > (B) Here are more observations by me of non-ALLDAT northbound
    >     sun-synchronous satellites. The 00595A are the object first
    >     seen by Russell Eberst 000405, I posted an approximate orbit
    >     for it on 000407 (the second orbit), Ted Molczan posted
    >     an improved orbit 000409.
    A quick check of Mike's obs of 00595A on 9 April, confirms the revised elements
    I issued earlier, based on observations between 4 and 8 April:
    1 90001U 00595A   00095.88774000  .00038735  00000-0  10125-1 0    06
    2 90001  98.5182 172.4532 0045404  65.1535 294.6206 14.48855687    06
    The object was very close to the predicted track, and about 2.5 s late. I will
    update the elements later today.
    Please note that, since Mike has begun using my proposed naming method for
    unknowns for this object, I am using it for its elements. I have assigned it
    the pseudo-NORAD number 90001, in keeping with the other part of the proposal.
    This move is not intended to pre-empt further discussion of my proposals, nor
    the development of alternatives. If we eventually agree on something better,
    then we can change the designations (we've done it before).
    Ted Molczan
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