OCS lunar transit

From: Tristan Cools (tcools@nic.INbe.net)
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 15:09:09 PDT

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    I just saw my second lunar transit of a satellite at my observing place
    The Optical Calibration Sphere(2000-04B) was predicted with Satspy to have
    a very close pass to the Moon.  In fact when I continued to follow it, the
    satellite did have a lunar transit !
    I could not see it at the illuminated side of the Moon but became visible
    when it was above the unlit side of the Moon.  It went out of transit at
    21h14m53s UTC(April 9).  A very short but intense experience !
    This was only the second time I saw a Lunar transit.  The previous one was
    a Progress spaceship going to Mir some years ago, but this was at full Moon.  
    I also have the impression that the OCS sphere isn't very steady.  Some
    variations are visible on this satellite.  Maybe there is still something
    attached to it.
    Tristan Cools
    Belgian Working Group Satellites(BWGS)
    Damse Vaart: 3.2478E/51.2277N - OBS place 1
    Ryckevelde:  3.2856E/51.2045N - OBS place 2
    Brugge:      3.2166E/51.2104N - OBS place 3(home)
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