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Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 03:42:44 PDT

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    Hello all.
    I'm new to the list and per the new subscriber instructions I am sending the 
    list a short introduction about my interest in visual satellite observing.
    I am Morgan Clements from Las Vegas, Nevada. As director of the World Wide 
    UFO Reporting Center,, I have an interest in 
    orbiting debris and satellite as well as decaying debris and satellite which 
    all too frequently get reported to us as UFO. It helps us to be able to 
    predict when something will cause a flare or will enter the atmosphere. 
    Invariably when a booster rocket or satellite enters the atmosphere, we will 
    get from one to one hundred or more UFO reports. While these are interesting, 
    we are more interested in the ones that cannot be as easily explained. 
    I look forward to being on the list and reading the reports sent in by the 
    members and possibly using them to explain at least a few of the UFO reports 
    we get.
    Best Regards,
    Morgan Clements
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