Superbird A, 7 Apr 00 UT

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 14:18:12 PDT

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    Superbird A continues to become less and less consistent
    compared to a few years ago.   The classic ramp up in
    brightness with a dozen or so equally bright flashes
    during the phase shift is not apparent now.
    I first saw a flash in binoculars about 02:59 UT on 7 Apr.
    After starting the stopwatch and tape recorder I observed
    for about 6 minutes.  The latter portion exhibited the 
    standard bright-faint pattern.  But deciding when the 
    phase-shift occurred is difficult because the initial portion
    was not as predicted or I missed a few. 
    Using my previous methods, I would get a POSSIBLE phase
    shift time of about 03:01:35 UT.  Probably the brightest
    flash was at 03:01:58 UT.  So I guess I am within a cycle
    or so regardless.
    I just miss the original pattern.
    Ron Lee
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