Re: multiple sats obs

From: Patrice Gambaro (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 10:07:58 PDT

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    I also had some multiple obs; the most memorable was on a particular evening
    last winter; I drove 10 km the watch a -9 Iridium flare. As the flare was
    fadind, the sat was still visible traveling S -> N, another sat crossed the
    Iridium path from East to West at a very closed angle. Back home, I checked on
    Heavens-Above and I think it was Cobe which was only 100 km higher than the
    Another time last summer, I was watching Mir when a big meteor passed right in
    front of it; does that count as a multiple obs ?
    Finally, on March 26, Heavens-Above predictec two -8 Iridium flares only 2
    minutes apart, azimuths separated only by 1 degree, elevation within 1 degree
    of each other, centers only 0.1 km apart, all that only 8 km from my place. It
    was Ir 54 which is at it's normal altitude and Ir 84, on a lower altitude
    (maybe a spare). But it was cloudy |:-(
    Pat Gambaro
    45.8379N, 73.9162W
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