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From: tlj18@juno.com
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 10:46:29 PDT

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    I've been hearing this aurora reports, and it got me thinking.
    Last night (04/06), around 2015 local (0015 GMT), I was admiring the
    conjunction of the absoutely beautiful cresent moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and
    Mars.  I had just stopped looking in my binoculars, and in the west,
    these really red clouds came in!  At 0010 GMT, it had covered most of the
    sky!  I thought it was a combination of the sunset and clouds, but could
    this have been an aurora?  When I came back olut at 0100, the sky was
    completely dark.  Saturn's brightness seemed unaffected by this cloud.
    If it was an aurora, it is my first sighting of one, for I live at only
    39.706 degrees north.
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