Re: multiple sats obs

From: Barhorst L.J.C. (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 06:32:48 PDT

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    Regarding this subject; I've been observing sats quite some time.
    Most of the nights I observe I see more than one sat at the same time in
    It's indeed crowded up there.
    When observing Cosmos or Zenit rockets you are almost certain to see 
    more sats at once, as there are a lot of them in more or less similar
    Once I was following a NOSS trio when another sat catched up with them and
    at the same time yet another sat passed from the opposite direction. 
    So it was 5 sats at one look.
    Watching the Iridium and Globalstar sats shortly after launch also gave you 
    the opportunity to see multiple sats in one look.
    When observing reguarly (15 to 30 obs in 2 to 2.5 hours)it is almost 
    impossible NOT to see more than one sat in the same FOV.
    Leo Barhorst
    52.767 N 5.09 E 
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