RE: UNID with possible 12-hour period

From: Barhorst L.J.C. (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 01:24:57 PDT

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    Could it have been 78- 95 A, also a Molniya?
    March 12 I saw it with a period of 5.3 sec; as did several others.
    As every second flash is fainter than the first, we have a period
    of 10.6 for the brighter flashes.
    Leo Barhorst
    Ed Cannon wrote in part:
    Tuesday night just before midnight local time, while 
    looking for one more flash from geosynch flasher ASC 1 
    (15994, 85-76C), I saw another object in the vicinity.
    It was moving northwards slowly, flashing to about 
    +5.5 with a period of roughly 10.5 seconds.  However, 
    the flashes soon disappeared, and I assumed it entered 
    the Earth's shadow.  A check with alldat.tle did not 
    yield any obvious candidates.
    Wednesday night just before midnight local time, Mike 
    McCants and I both were scanning the same sky area with 
    binoculars and saw a few flashes from a slow-moving 
    northbound object, again about +5.5, period roughly 
    10.5 seconds.  Again the flashes quickly faded to
    invisible.  I just checked alldat.tle again, using data
    from both nights, and I don't get a good candidate.
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