Iridium still on time

From: John Breckenridge (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 14:51:50 PDT

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    Number 42 gave a remarkable performance Sunday nite (4/2/00) with what this amateur
    and newbie viewer can only describe as SPECTACULAR.  Coming up right on time
    (appears that system operations still include station keeping), the initial
    and predicted -2 flare and dimming, was followed by a second breathtaking -8.
     Can't wait to see what tonite's pass in these parts of # 80 brings.
    Although I'm a now ex-Motorola/Iridium salesguy, I have NO insider knowledge
    of constellation operations.  Anyone out there able to provide confirmation
    of all other "on-time" sightings??  
    True to form, we (will) miss something good more after it's gone.  I'm hoping
    the legal issues keep this light show up and running for some time!
    34.2388 -117.2327  5680' and VERY CLEAR
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