Re: Orbiting Antiques .....

Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 09:17:29 PDT

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    Vanguard 3 is relatively easy (apparently becuase the satellite did not 
    separate from the final rockett stage so it's bright). I saw it a few months 
    ago. There are quite a few other objects nearly as old including several 
    historically significant objects. None of the early Sputniks are still up 
    there though. They all had low orbits.
    You can find interesting early satellites on the Heavens-Above/GSOC site by 
    using the "Select a Satellite from the Database" function and then entering a 
    launch year. Unfortunately, many of the listed satellites do not have orbital 
    elements so it can be a bit tedious weeding those out.
    -Frank E. Reed
    Chicago, IL
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