New Geoflasher? (Re: High Altitude UNID)

Jason Hatton (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 13:35:13 +0200 (MET DST)

Earlier this week I wrote;

>	Whilst observing the TDRS-7Rk (#23614 / 95-035C) on 24-Apr-99 with
>my 6" newtonian telescope (1.8 deg FOV), I spotted an UNID flasher at
>20:51:30UT. An initial sharp flash at approx mag+7 was seen followed by
>about 30s later by perhaps a mag +3 flash.

Russel Eberst replied with a possible ID
>I ran your observation through Findsat (available from Mike McCants) and
>using an "alldat" file from around April 14, I came up with 91-74A (#21759)
>Gorizont 24.  These Gorizonts are well known for flashing.  It is now in a
>super-synchronous orbit, so will be drifting slowly westwards.
>I hope you will agree that this is a possible candidate.

Rerunning the passes of the TDRS7-Rk & Gorizont 24 through Skymap appears
to confirm this identification. (my initial postion measurement was in
error in declination, I forgot about the field inversion in the

There are no reported flash measurements for Gorizont 24 in the PPAS
database, so this might be a new geoflasher. Unfortunately due to cloudy
skies I have been unable to attempt further observations of Gorizont 24
over the last few days, but perhaps other European observers might have
clearer skies.

Best wishes & clear skies


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