Re: Fate of Lockheed Martin Athena 2 and Ikonos 1 satelliteunknown

Thu, 29 Apr 1999 00:48:55 -0400

Ralph McConahy wrote:
> >>Philip Chien wrote:
> >>> this is incorrect.  It's the orbit of a satellite launching to the
> >>> North-Northwest from Vandenberg which would be a violation of the range
> >>> rules.  The Athena/Ikonos launch was to the South-Southwest.
> I'm a little confused about this. Did it launch to the north or south? On
> It seems that in order to travel over Africa that it did have to be launched
> toward the south. Is this right?
>    Ralph McConahy

Hasn't EVERY launch from VAFB been towards the south?

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