Re: Ikonos 1 Launch Failure

Kevin Fetter (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 21:37:08 -0400

At 08:28 PM 4/28/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Florida Today reports that "a 1,400-pound payload fairing" failed to
>making the total weight too high for the rocket to develop sufficient 
>velocity to reach orbit.

This debris is from the rocket that launched cosmos 2053. Cosmos 2053
decayed on 1997/09/02.

The rocket is still in orbit.

IntID/Name   CatNo Source period   Incl Apogee Perigee      RCS
------------ ----- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------- --------

1989-100B    20390 CIS      94.2   73.5    486     471   6.5274
SL-14 R/B                 Launched (1989/12/27) 

Just more debris to the allready large amount of space debris. I am no
expert, but if the rocket still had some fuel on board, and was hit by a
piece of space trash, it might be possible for the fuel to exploded due to
to the energy released by the objects hitting each other. Are am I totally

>Meanwhile at OIG catalogs numbers 25696 to 25720 list "SL-14 DEB No TLE
>Looks like a R/B explosion.