Re: Fate of Lockheed Martin Athena 2 and Ikonos 1 satellite

Philip Chien (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 07:05:49 -0400

>> >>From a Kevin Fetter posting:
>> >IKONOS 1
>> >1 28000U 99XXXX   99117.80454155  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0     0
>> >2 28000  98.1840 185.3400 0010520  69.9850 279.8240 14.62686263    04
>Philip Chien wrote:
>> this is incorrect.  It's the orbit of a satellite launching to the
>> North-Northwest from Vandenberg which would be a violation of the range
>> rules.  The Athena/Ikonos launch was to the South-Southwest.

"Bj–rn Gimle" <> and others said:

>No, it's not. My predictions showed a S-N pass around 19:47 UT at 59 N

yup.  My fault.  I was half asleep and fully non-functional when I crunched
the orbit.  The funny thing is Justin Ray (Fla Today Online) and I were
chatting the previous week about with a Titan IV investigation underway we
really didn't need to have another failure investigation to follow at the
same time .... ARGH!  Plus the technical conference "Space Congress" is in
town, plus the dress rehearsal for the next shuttle flight, plus the
Milstar launch on Friday, etc. etc.  It's a busy week and my cloning
machine's on the blink.

No new details on what happened to Athena / Ikonos but I may get some more
details later today.  I checked the sat catalog report and so far nothing
reported in orbit from this launch.  So far each of the "Civilian Spy Sats"
(Earthwatch, Ikonos) has had major failures ...  The conspiracist in me
wonders if they're related ...

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