Re: Software (Argentina impact site for Russian Mars probe)

Björn Gimle (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 19:46:38 +0200

> observing spot yet.  Any help in this area would be appreciated.  Also, 
> I don't know what tracking software is the best to use.  My computer is 
> a P-2 233 overclocked to 291 MHz, with 128M RAM, so it ought to handle 
> just about any tracker that exists for the PC.

I prefer SkyMap by fellow Californian Rob Matson (on this list) because:

It produces high precision sky maps + satellite tracks, including
magnitude, shadow entry, object name, time tags ... configurable

User selection of pass criteria

Full file or individual elset loading.

Controlled by config files and/or menu, output on high precision
image files and prediction lists, that can be postprocessed.

Useful both for planning good star references to find objects,
to check elset with observations, create accurate observation
notes, and identify unknowns by visual recollection of track+speed.

Transit options for Sun, Moon and 'any' object.

'Deep space' file can be used to visualize your own observations.

Map option allows ground tracks or stereoscopic space views, and
showing your local terrain/building obstructions.

And much more.

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