High Altitude UNID

Jason Hatton (hatton@naxos.unice.fr)
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 16:39:56 +0200 (MET DST)

	Whilst observing the TDRS-7Rk (#23614 / 95-035C) on 24-Apr-99 with
my 6" newtonian telescope (1.8 deg FOV), I spotted an UNID flasher at
20:51:30UT. An initial sharp flash at approx mag+7 was seen followed by
about 30s later by perhaps a mag +3 flash. Suspecting this might be a
geosynchronous satellite I stopped following the TDRS rocket & waited.
Approximately 2 minutes later I saw a mag +8 flash. I continued observing
the area for a further 10 minutes, but nothing further was seen. The
satellite was invisible in between flashes (limiting mag in eyepiece approx
mag +10.5)

	As I only saw three brief flashes it was difficult to estimate the
track of the satellite. However, I estimate the position of the brightest
flash to be RA=14h05m, Dec=-1.5deg. An all satellite search with Skymap, as
well as a check on instantanous geosync satellite positions with Satspy
failed to identify the satellite. Any ideas?

My latitude / longnitude are 43.667N, 7.223E, Alt 30M.

Best wishes,


Jason Hatton
Hopital de l'Archet
Rte St. Antoine de Ginestiere
BP 79, 06202 Nice Cedex 03


email : hatton@unice.fr

 43.667N, 7.223E, Alt 30M